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Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Purchase Decisions of Insurance Products Through online Platform in Chennai City

Issue Abstract

Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, facilitates the promotion of brands by utilizing the Internet and various digital communication channels to engage with potential clients. These marketing channels encompass email, social media, web-based advertising, and text and multimedia messages. The marketing field in India has experienced tremendous evolution in adapting to advancements in technology and the constantly shifting preferences of consumers. The present study focused on assessing the impact of digital marketing on consumer purchase decisions of insurance products through online platforms. The primary data was collected from clients who bought insurance policies through the Internet platform in the research area. The database of consumers who have purchased the insurance products through the online platform. The current study has a sample size of 391. This study demonstrates that digital marketing directly favors consumers' intention to acquire insurance products through online platforms. Therefore, digital marketing plays a significant role in generating purchase intent. Consumers across various demographics are highly proficient and knowledgeable in using modern technology equipment, including smart phones, computers, tablets, and other digital devices, which have become integral to their daily lives. 

Keywords: Digital Marketing, Insurance, Social Media Platform, and Purchase Decision.

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Shobana. S
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05 Jun 2024
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