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Registered Organization 

Emperor Research Foundation of India is a registered organization under the Tamil Nadu Societies (Amendment) Act, 2013; BK-IV/6/2023 by the recommendation of all members of the Higher Education and Research Foundation. Emperor Research Foundation is dedicated to promoting social upliftment and enhancing the quality of higher education and research in India through various activities such as organizing international/national conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and other related events.

The Emperor Research Foundation focuses on enhancing the educational process by promoting scholarly inquiry and evaluation related to education, and by facilitating the dissemination and practical application of research findings. Emperor Research Foundation primarily focuses on research and development for higher education and was previously known as the Foundation for Research. The organization conducts various in-house activities such as workshops, training programs, and conferences, and engages in outreach activities such as publishing journals and books. These efforts have been ongoing since the organization’s inception.

Our Mission 

The Emperor Research Foundation of India for Higher Education is a research society that aims to promote and advance knowledge in the field of education, particularly higher education. It encourages scholarly inquiry related to education and promotes the use of research to enhance education and serve the public good.


Emperor Research Foundation aims to foster innovation and facilitate the exchange of intellectual ideas worldwide. To keep up with the increasing demand for higher education, RFI is dedicated to enhancing capacity-building efforts in this field.

Account Name: Emperor Research Foundation 

Account No: 0253102000015048 

IFSC Code: IBKL0000253 

Branch: Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

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