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This book titled “Database Management Systems ” is written to provide a significant amount of flexibility in the order in which the material is covered, as illustrated in the accompanying programs. Selected material from,

Chapters 1 cover a detailed explanation of Relational Databases. Care has been taken throughout the chapters to include the set of exercises to have an in-depth idea about the implementation of Relational Databases. Also included are suggested sample SQL Queries that incorporate the essential concepts in this chapter.

Chapters 2 cover the concepts of Database Design. Systematic care has been taken to support the topics with necessary routines and relevant diagrams about Database Design concepts like E-R Diagrams and the Normalization of Databases.

Chapters 3 cover the concepts of Transactions in DBMS, Transaction States in DBMS, Schedules in DBMS | Types of Schedules in DBMS, Serializability in DBMS | Conflict Serializability and Methods for Concurrency control. These topics are explained with relevant diagrams.

Chapters 4 cover the concepts of Implementation Techniques like Redundancy Array of the Independent Disk (RAID), File Organization.

Chapters  5 cover the concepts of Advanced Topics like Distributed Databases, Object-based Databases: Object Database Concepts, Objects, The ODMG Object Model and the Object, XML: Extensible Markup Language, Information Retrieval (IR). This book includes University question papers at the end.

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